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Welcome to the website of the Institute of Biological Chemistry. Our group combines chemical methods such as synthesis of special amino acid building blocks and solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS) with biotechnological approaches to generate selectively modified peptides and proteins. Chemoselective ligation reactions allow linking synthetic peptides with expressed proteins. The resulting tailor-made molecules are us to address biological questions regarding folding, activity and interactions between proteins in vitro and in vivo. Biotechnological and biomedicinal applications of chemically tuned peptides, proteins and hybrid molecules are also an important part of our work over the past years. Several examples or fully synthetic and semisynthetic proteins carrying special modifications can be found in the figure shown below.




Talks/Colloquium Faculty of Chemistry, WS 2018/19

7.11.2018: Talk Dr. Nir Qvit, Israel, 16.15 Uhr, Joseph Loschmidt Lecture Hall, Währinger Str. 42, 1090 Wien


Open positions for postdoc and technican in the AG from Markus Muttenthaler.

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