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Labs & Equipment

Our labs feature - amongst others - the following techniques and equipment:


Applied Biosystems 433A (Peptide synthesizer)

Applied Photophysics Chirascan Plus (CD spectrometer)

Biorad ChemiDoc MP (Gel documentation)

Biorad MJ Mini (PCR)

Biotek Synergy Mx, Absorption/Fluorescence/Luminescence (Platereader)

CEM Liberty Blue Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

Christ Alpha 2-4 LDplus (Freeze dryer)

Constant Systems TS (Cell disruptor)

Dionex Ultimate 3000 inkl. Fluorescence- und CAD-Detection (HPLC)

GE ÄKTA PrimePlus (FPLC)

GE ÄKTA Purifier (FPLC)

Horiba FluoroMax-4 inkl. Polarization (Fluorescence spectrometer)

HP-Med Varioklav (Autoclave)

Infors HT Multitron (Incubators)

Millipore MilliQ Reference A+ (Purified water system)

Nikon TS100 (Inverted microscope)

Peptide Institute HF apparatus

PTI Tribute (Peptide synthesizer)

Reichert SPR Biosensor SR7500DC (SPR)

Safas UVmc2 (UV/Vis spectrometer)

Savant Speed Vac (Lyophilizer)

Thermo LC-MS System

Varian ProStar (semiprep. HPLC)

Waters AutoPurification HPLC/MS System

Zeiss Elyra PS.1 (Superresolution confocal microscope)

Centrifuges up to 6 liter capacity



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Biological Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Christian Becker
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Office hours (Michaela Cherrier, Room 1H41):
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