Publications Institut of Biological Chemistry (founded 2011)

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Kulkarni SS, Watson EE, Maxwell JWC, Niederacher G, Johansen-Leete J, Huhmann S et al. Expressed Protein Selenoester Ligation. Angewandte Chemie (International Edition). 2022 May 9;61(20). e202200163.

Emidio NB, Meli R, Tran HNT, Baik H, Morisset-Lopez S, Elliott AG et al. Chemical Synthesis of TFF3 Reveals Novel Mechanistic Insights and a Gut-Stable Metabolite. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2021 Jul 18;64(13):9484-9495.

Emidio NB, Tran HNT, Andersson A, Dawson PE, Albericio F, Vetter I et al. Improving the Gastrointestinal Stability of Linaclotide. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 2021 Jun 24;64(12):8384-8390.

Dey A, Charrier B, Martineau E, Deborde C, Gandriau E, Moing A et al. Hyperpolarized NMR Metabolomics at Natural 13C Abundance. Analytical Chemistry. 2020 Nov 17;92(22):14867-14871.

Showing entries 1 - 50 out of 129