Lecture Semisynthese von Proteinen (LV 270025):

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Lecture Biologische Chemie I  (LV 270008):

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Lecture Biologische Chemie II (LV 270238):

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Lecture Posttranslationale Modifikation von Proteinen - Biologische Funktionen (LV 270048):

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Lecture Chemische Biologie (LV 270052):

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Biologisch-chemisches Praktikum B (LV 270042):

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Lecture Pharmazeutische Wirkstoffentwicklung (LV 270071):

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Lecture Paramagnetism in Spectroscopy NMR, EPR and Hyperpolarization (LV 270075)



Wahlpraktika / Bachelor- and Master Thesis

Important: Registration for the 3-week internship (Wahlpraktikum) in Peptide- and Proteinchemistry (LV 270137) is only possible from u-space.

BA-Thesis: we have free contingents for the summer semester 2020.