Research Topics: Group Becker

Synthesis and Semisynthesis of (Membrane-) proteins with selective modifications

  • Access to proteins with rare or/and multiple postranslational modifications
  • Investigating the impact of these modifications on folding, function and in diseases
  • Extending the Frontiers of chemical protein synthesis to obtain larger, homogenously modified proteins
  • Stabilization of proteins to create new basic structures for peptide and protein based therapheutics und diagnostics

Immobilization of functional proteins

  • Attachment of Biopolymers and incorporation of postranslational modifications to immobilize functional proteins inside and on the surface of silica particles
  • Optimization of the properties of silica particels for different requirements like targeted drug delivery or to enhance the immune response of vaccines

Synthetic Immune Stimulators for the targeted Immune therapy

  • Production of synthetic antibodies with different binder- and effectorpeptides with SPPS
  • Labeling with fluorescent dyes and Biotin to observe the selective binding on the surface of cancer cells
  • Optimization of the binding properties and the ability to provoke a targeted immune response